No Coupons.

All Savings.

Experience automatic discounts and payments for your prescriptions using your Health Savings Account (HSA) – managed seamlessly by HSA-Rx.

How It Works

Simple, immediate and secure prescription drug savings & payments in three steps.

Register for HSA‑Rx
Create an account using your name, email address and HSA debit card.
Download Your HSA‑Rx Card
Add it to your smartphone wallet, print it off, or wait for your physical card in the mail.
Pick Up Your Scripts
Show your HSA‑Rx card at the pharmacy and receive instant prescription discounts with auto-payment using your HSA dollars.

Two Ways To Save

With or without a Health Savings Account, HSA-Rx is here to help you save.

HSA Piggy Bank
Prescription Drug Savings & Payments Using Pre‑Tax HSA Dollars.
Digital Payment
Prescription Drug Savings & Payments Using Your Personal Debit Card.