Rx Updates

No Generic Oxycontin Versions to be Approved

April 2013 http://www.healthcaresolutions.com/pdf/alerts/Generic-OxyContin-eAlert-4-25-13.pdf

Generic Opana ER Non-Crush Resistant **Now Available

January 2013 http://www.healthcaresolutions.com/pdf/alerts/Opana-ER-ealert-2013.pdf

Zolpidem – An Important Dose Change for Women

January 2013 http://www.healthcaresolutions.com/pdf/alerts/Zolpidem-eAlert-final.pdf

Important Update for your Claimants on Acetaminophen

January 2013 http://www.healthcaresolutions.com/pdf/alerts/Pharmacy-eAlert-Important-Update-for-Claimants-Taking-Acetaminophen.pdf

No Generic OxyContin® Versions to be Approved

Background On 4/16/13, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced its approval of new label information for the potent pain killer, OxyContin. It also announced it will not be accepting any applications for generic versions of the original tablet form of the medicine which was not designed to prevent abuse. OxyContin contains the drug […]

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